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Santo André Lagoon
Walk along the coast in the company of a fisherman
Abela village
Traditional food tasting
Museum of rural work


Santiago do Cacém






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Two different realities in Santiago do Cacém collide and intertwine on this tour: lagoon fishing practiced in the 60s of the last century lives just a few kilometers away with a village with a strong rural tradition, seeming to be stuck in time.


The tour starts at the unmistakable Lagoa de Santo André with a walk along the coast, between the lagoon and the sea, in the company of a fisherman who has worked here for over 40 years. It explains, among others, the phenomenon of the “standing wave” that allowed to renew the waters and provide fishermen with an enormous diversity of fish. After the walk follows the visit to the village of Abela. Along this path, you will pass through Santo André, a city that emerged in the 1970s to accompany the great industrialization plans of Sines and unravel a little of its history.

In Abela, the priority is to have lunch, and you can understand yourself better after tasting traditional food, simple, tasty, rich, and well served. Mr. Eurico’s restaurant is an icon in Abela, where even birth records used to be made: there is a lot to hear. Other icons of the village, with a mandatory visit: the Museu do Trabalho Rural (Rural Labor Museum), where you can see the ancestral fields of the countryside; the haberdashery that belonged to seven unmarried brothers, and also the village church, a curiously large building compared to the place where it is located.

“Valsas Mandadas”, characteristics of local dances, played on the accordion accompany travelers in their discovery of Abela…

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