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Por Caco – associação de artesãos do concelho de odemira

. Visit of 5 different examples of construction in rammed earth

. Lunch in a Portuguese tavern (only in the morning program)











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A walk on rammed earth and a journey into an ancestral method of construction from earth, wood, clay, plants and fiber – called “taipa” in Portuguese. These are buildings with soul. Just as they rise from the earth, they fall to the earth when their time comes, returning naturally to their habitat without leaving any rubble behind.

The walk passes through five very different examples of rammed earth construction – several dwelling houses, an ancient wall, an automobile museum and an establishment of rural tourism.


This is a unique tour, created from a viewpoint of an expert on rammed earth constructions. An architect guides us to explore several different structures – from ruins of rammed earth to the examples of its contemporary usage. The rebirth of this type of construction has happened due to a group of Portuguese architects who have been involved in this territory since the 80s, introducing new millennial techniques and creating natural contemporary architecture.

The tour starts in São Teotónio, leading to a wall dating back from 1912 that was once a warehouse. Next, we discover a rural tourism centre, built solely of raw earth; while, in the Arrifoias, some rural houses can be seen, owned by a farmer who practices permaculture.

The trip continues to a farmhouse in the Pederneiras, where visitors explore a new construction that has been added to an older structure – an example of a curious junction between contemporary and ancient rammed earth.

Shortly after lunch at a Portuguese tavern in Vale Juncal, the tour concludes by visiting a family house as well as a small and peculiar car museum.

* Lunch is included only in the morning program.

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