Touro azul - zaia

Por Caco – Associação de Artesãos do Concelho de Odemira

Ride with domesticated boars, houses in freedom, shepherd dogs...
Tango dance class

Traditional dinner with local products and recipes
Contact with "underground" culture of Algarve


Vila do Bispo





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Max 8 people

Pet friendly


Bike friendly


Nídia recalls the moment when she was five years old and pictured herself as an adult – still living on her grandfather's hill together with her domestic animals. She was attracted by the simplicity of the countryside, the force of the sea and the need to care for animals. Now, she lives on the farmhouse inherited from her grandfather, where words are scarce, but the energy is vivid and strong. We walk together with her horses, domestic boars and dogs until we reach the sea. On our way back, we dine and dance tango.


This tour offers a walk with a horsewoman and animal keeper Nídia, living on a farmhouse in the Algarve near Vila do Bispo. She tells the story of her grandparents and parents who have always lived in communion with the land, the sea, and a lot of hard work. She invites us for a walk towards the sea together with the animals of her farm – just like a present-day Noah’s Ark. Along the way, we are joined by the domestic boars and their sweet and affable offspring, mares, donkeys, dogs, cats and geese. As the sun sets behind the hill and the animals prepare for the evening, the travellers dine on seafood and prepare to dance tango together with the people from neighbouring farms. On the dancefloor with a sight over the pond built by Nídia’s grandfather, she teaches anyone who wants to dance the steps of her tango from Algarve.

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