Talks: The Southwest Coast, the last stronghold of freedom?

By Associação Rota Vicentina
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23 Mar, 2021
14:30h - 17:30h
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The Southwest Coast corresponds to a Natural Park and has been considered for several years as an example of a nature destination in the country, and today, it is also an international reference. What makes this coast a sustainable destination with the capacity to prevent mass tourism?

There are serious restrictions on construction, which may have prevented following the course in which other coastal areas have suffered at this level; but new challenges arise in terms of planning regulations (agriculture and intensive forestry).

On the other hand, the lack of response to accommodation needs combined with the interrelationship between alternative lifestyles and the desire for contact with nature has brought about a movement of campers and caravaners who occupy the most distinguished areas of ​​the natural park as if they were camping areas, but without the respective support infrastructures.

With this being a local and also a global trend, how can the region respond within its position of commitment to social and environmental sustainability?

Luísa Schmidt (LS) - Sociologist and Journalist
Marta Cabral (MC) - President of the Rota Vicentina Association

Ann Heidi Hansen - Case Study Norway (in english)

Round Table
Carla Cabrita - Nature Guide, Resident in the Southwest
Luís Pedro Costa - Neoturis Partner – “Caravanning Study - Framework and operation of the sector in competing tourist destinations“
Pedro Clemente – Researcher FCT, Univ. Nova de Lisboa
Pedro Prista – Anthropologist

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