Talks: Cycling and local culture (of mobility?)

By Associação Rota Vicentina
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22 Mar, 2021
10:00h - 12:00h
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As bicycle tourism is a practice of enjoying nature on a bicycle, responding to a more sustainable form of leisure and mobility, what is its potential to inspire the territories and communities that it visits?
In what way can the expectations of cyclists be met, integrating more holistic and sustainable ways of doing tourism?
Can this development of cycling tourism be the engine for accelerating the transition towards a new local culture of smoother, healthier, cleaner and future mobility?
How should this area and its public and private agents prepare to incorporate these ways of living and visiting?

Pedro Pedrosa – Entrepreneur and Consultant (A2Z/Responsible Trails)

Jana Apih - Entrepreneur and Consultant, Goodplace – Slovenia Green - Study Case (in english)
Joana Ivónia – Ciclaveiro project Coordinator
Nadja Frener - Massa Crítica de Aljezur

Round Table
Eduardo Santos – Cycling and MTB practitioner, Resident in the Southwest
João Mariano – MTB soul rider,  Aljezurense
Ricardo González – Cycling and MTB practitioner, Entrepreneur (BikeToursPortugal), Resident in the Southwest
Teresa Fernandes - National MTB champion, Sport Teacher,Resident in the Southwest

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