Que Futuro para Sines?

By Climáximo
CultureHistory & GeologyRiver & Sea
Restaurante Bar Ponto de Encontro, Largo do Bocage,
3B 7520-152 Sines
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Data e hora
27 May, 2022
21:00h - 23:00h
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The transformation of the city of Sines into the industrial hub we know had several implications for the economic and social landscape of the city and region. In this session we will address some of these implications in two areas that had a direct impact on the population of Sine at the time of transformation into an industrial hub: Fisheries and public transport.
What are the difficulties faced by the fishermen of Sines in the last 50 years? What implications did the drastic reduction in activity have on the general population? Is there a future for artisanal fishing?
What are the consequences of the end of rail transport in Sines? What data support clear disinvestment in public transport? Which model would best serve the population and the fight against climate change?
These are the questions that we intend to answer in the conversation scheduled for the 27th of May, Friday at 9 pm at the Meeting Point, Largo do Poeta Bocage, Sines.

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