Invasive Plants in the Southwest: identification and control

By Associação Rota Vicentina
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25 Mar, 2021
09:30h - 11:30h
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Training with Elizabete Marchante from the project

Have you already heard about invasive plants? Do you know that they exist in the Southwest, both in the Natural Park and in some private gardens? In this training, you will learn how to identify them, what problems are associated with these plants and how to control them.

The session will begin with a brief contextualisation of biological invasions by plants (concepts, impacts, legislation, etc.), and will be followed with the presentation of the main invasive plants present in the Southwest, as well as the most suitable methods of control.

At the end, there will be time to discuss some control projects taking place in the region and for questions and comments.

With the special participation of biologist Paula Canha, Leonor Pires and Francisco Sousa.

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Only in portuguese. Limited to 50 participants.

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