Touro azul - Aprestos

Por Caco – associação de artesãos do concelho de odemira

Visit to a handcrafted pottery shop

Visit to the fishermen village of Azenha do Mar

Sound installation about the fishing universe

Interaction with local fishermen

Lunch with local products and recipes








< 1 Day


A partir de 62€

Group size

Max.  12 people

Pet friendly


Bike friendly


Clay, contemporary agriculture, the ancestral ocean that gives and takes, and the brave fishermen – it all takes us towards a fishing village that we will get to know closely. Its port and boats were built by migrants who came from the isolated hills in the 1960's, seeking salvation from an extreme poverty and believing in the hope brought by the sea.


The tour’s meeting point is at Brejão – a village where we find an agricultural environment shaped by the transition from traditional practices to new, intensive and modern crops, inevitably leading to social changes as well.

We stop at a local ceramist workshop, located next to a Thai minimarket. We visit the neighbouring village of Azenha do Mar and meet its local community – mainly the fishermen, willing to show their town and the port. Here, they manually build fishing tools and equipment, some of which have been recently adapted to a more contemporary design. We experience an art installation with sounds collected from the fishery. We taste local fruits and wine, after which, the travellers and the locals bid farewell

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