Touro azul - arrátel

Por Caco – associação de artesãos do concelho de odemira

Visit within the territory in agricultural environment
Presentation of 19th century agricultural practices
Traditional farm with distillery, grinding, family home, oven, primary school, old chicken coop and traditional grocery store
Regional Products
Interaction with the local community, with cultural notes
Traditional Lunch
Santa Clara Dam


Santa Clara-a-Velha







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Max. 8 people

Pet friendly


Bike friendly


An adventure in the countryside of Odemira municipality that includes a visit to a traditional farm surrounded by hills, a stroll accompanied by views of Santa Clara dam’s vast and extraordinary horizon, a lunch made of local products and a walk exploring the village of Santa Clara.


The trip begins with an insight into the history of inland Alentejo through an invitation to visit Mrs. Odete’s farm where it is possible to learn how people used to live in the 19th century. The mill, the family house, the animals living in the house, the oven, the school, the hennery made of green rock rose, the store and the objects, the clothes that were used, the old agricultural tools full of history – these are all still here. Odete came back home to take care of her grandparents, her parents and her father-in-law. She sings, paints, sculpts fantastic animals from soaked heather roots, keeping the farm’s memory alive through her love for her land and her relatives.

The landscape is the focus for the rest of the day, having as a background the transparent water of the dam that sank villages to flood with fertility the extensive Odemira moorland. A walk takes us to the village of Santa Clara to visit its old church, relax near its waters, and connect with the atmosphere and the local people of this small community.

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