Touro azul - dar passado

Por Caco – associação de artesãos do concelho de odemira

Walking on dirt roads (30min)

Musical performance

Meeting with a blacksmith

Tasting of local products

Encounter with a viola campaniça player or choral group

Dinner with traditional menu

Meeting with artists from the Ateneu do Catorze


A partir de 88€ por pessoa

Group size

Max. 20 people

Pet friendly


Bike friendly


An opportunity to get to know a village set in the fertile lands of Alentejo – a place where you can still smell the sea but already see the mountains. In recent years, between the rural life and traditions, another way of life has been born here as several artists, originally coming from bigger cities, have integrated into the village life and given it a new breath.


The tour begins with a long and quiet walk through São Luís, starting at the very heart of this village – an old shop, now converted into an atelier. Afterwards, the group leaves the village and follows an old dirt road to learn about previous mining activity in the area and to see the local vegetable gardens, cork oaks, streams and the soil that was used to paint the kitchens of the local houses. They return to São Luís passing by the washhouses and the local church. An old lodge, a blacksmith, a market built of rammed earth and a shop are all part of the world of Mr. Domingos. The group then passes by the “Casa do Povo” (House of the People) – the home of rehearsals of Alentejo’s typical singing and viola campaniça lessons. Afterwards, some time is spent to get to know Ateneu do Catorze. This space, formerly a shop, now has brought together several artists who have transformed the old residential and commercial building into their creative studios.

Consult the agenda or contact us for other dates.

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