Touro azul - ter vagar

Por Caco – associação de artesãos do concelho de odemira

. Sound installation in the church of São Luís

. Poetic theatre show

. Encounter with a viola campaniça player or choral group

. Visit to the arts and science project Cultivamos Cultura

. Visit to Ateneu do Catorze - collective of artists


A partir de 107€ por pessoa

Group size

Max 40 people

Pet friendly


Bike friendly


The group visits the village of São Luís, located at the foot of the São Domingos hill to have a look at this place from a new perspective. Let's roam -“ter vagar”. It is an opportunity to spend an afternoon that continues after sunset among the artists who have arrived here from afar, and local people who have always called this place their home.


The tour begins in the Ateneu do Catorze, where the group gets to know the soul of this village.

We visit a church where animals are taken to be blessed in a sound landscape of Rémi Gallet.

We witness a poetic theatre performance shown in the old village cemetery, performed by Teatro Só. We explore an old farmhouse, now reborn as Cultivamos Cultura – a research centre dedicated to art and science. Here, contemporary art and biology come together within a beautiful space that once had been a barn and a winery. We listen to the rehearsals of Alentejo’s traditional singing or music of violas campaniças at “Casa do Povo” (House of the People); and, afterwards, we join a delicious dinner served at Ateneu do Catorze, once again accompanied by live music.

Ateneu do Catorze is a space transformed by several artists. From an old village building, it has become experimentation and creation studios in the areas of design, music, theatre, sculpture, installation and writing. It is an opportunity to witness how the rural nature and history of this place have been brought together with its current artistic dynamics.

Consult the agenda or contact us for other dates.

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