Touro azul - ajudada

Por Caco – associação de artesãos do concelho de odemira

Tea tasting of local plants, peanut butter, sweet potatoes and other seasonal products

Participation in agricultural work (105min)

Musical experiences with an interpreter along the walk

Interaction with an organic farming expert

Lunch at the farmer's house









< 1 Day


from 82€




Dimensão do grupo

Max. 16 people

Pet friendly


Bike friendly


A morning to enter the land, roll up the sleeves and assist in whatever way might be needed – harvest, plant, pick, and sing. António and Ana host the group, inviting the travellers to get to know the traditions of rural fraternity. As in ancient times, everyone helps with the farm work while listening to the sounds of traditional songs. After the work is done, a lunch is cooked using the local recipes.


The meeting point is at a farmhouse between João Roupeiro and Maria Vinagre villages. We are greeted by António and Ana – a biological farmer and a singer of traditional Portuguese music. They talk about local farming and about the old songs of work while a comforting breakfast is served. Then, the group goes to the land to help with many diverse agricultural activities: sewing, planting, harvesting, picking the peanuts and sifting them in the wind. While working, everyone is invited to sing as people used to do here. Afterwards, the lunch is prepared jointly, and Ana’s melodic voice fills the house. A meal, made of gifts of the land, always tastes well; whereas, the conversations around the table let the travellers learn more about the land, the animals and the people here. They leave with their bellies and their souls fulfilled.

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