Touro azul - aurora

Por Caco – associação de artesãos do concelho de odemira

Hike through the countryside (2.5km) and observation of the local flora

Recognition of local flora

Visit to a rammed earth ruin

Visit to a traditional farmhouse

Experience the vegetable gardens and have contact with animals

Postcard creation using an engraving technique

Snack preparing and tasting









< 1 Day


From 45€



Dimensão do grupo

Max. 16 people

Pet friendly


Bike friendly


A trip for the whole family – a visit to the lands of Olho Branco, Amieira, Almarjanito and Calçada. A walk through a beautiful forest, where flowers, plants and even legends can be found, while also discovering "monte" – a type of rural house with a barn, stable and chicken coop all in one. Enjoy a snack made of delicacies from the garden; and, finally, learn to print and draw a holiday postcard for your friends, using the china ink and the natural pigments collected previously along the walk.


The tour begins on the farmhouse of Maria José, who has lived here since her birth. In this house with a clay ground, people and domestic animals used to dwell together.

Traveling by foot, we learn the flowers, the shrubs and the cork oaks that grow here – heather, gum rockrose, lavender, mallow… Children are invited to collect tiny stones, leaves, berries and flowers. Small frames are given to everyone – these can be filled with natural details from the landscape to remember this experience.

Along the way, there is a ruined rammed earth warehouse. Here, the story about the disappearance of linen in this region is told.

Further ahead, a “monte” can be seen. It belongs to the family that welcomes the travellers. Local vegetables are picked in the garden for a nice snack, complemented by fruit, goat cheese, meat, fresh bread, and a carob jam. We can see the donkeys and guinea fowls, admire the white farmhouse surrounded by flowers and listen to the ancient stories about this place.

Everyone is invited to create a postcard by printing flowers and plants picked during the tour –  taking something from this land to travel to other places.

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