The Wool Route

Por Casa da lua - Alentejo




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Right in the north of the municipality of Odemira, in the small village of Vale da Santiago, Casa da Lua - Alentejo promotes, among other activities, the possibility of walking the Wool Route. Starting with the shepherd and his staff, the flock and the shepherd dog. Everything that makes it look like a scene is actually the day-to-day life of this community full of traditions and local people.

From the sheep to the sweater, come and try some of the steps in the wool preparation process. Start by carding, then felting, not forgetting to spin, weave and knit, accompanied by Barbara Faber and always in a school building of the famous centenary plan of the 40's. XX.

And the day does not end without tasting a delicious meal, made in the traditional way, with the freshest ingredients, freshly picked from the surrounding gardens and with wonderful fish from the coast or succulent meats from these mounts.


Available all year round, this experience begins in the morning with a workshop around wool and in the company of artisan Bárbara Faber. Through a video, the manual and mechanical shearing process is compared.

Then, learn to wash, card and spin the wool, with all the traditional utensils and tools necessary for its execution. You will also use the felting technique to make a small piece, which you will then take home with you.

This experience includes a typical Alentejo meal served in a welcoming atmosphere typical of those who receive friends at home. The whole meal is prepared and served by elements of the local community, washed down with good wine and accompanied whenever possible with ‘Alentejo cante’ – typical and regional way of singing.

Come and discover the village of Vale de Santiago, its stories and people, sharing an unforgettable afternoon with the locals.

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